Ronnie McMurphy
Ron McMurphy w/Crystal at Andrews Park circa 1975

1957 - 1998
This page is dedicated to the memory of Ronnie McMurphy.

Ronnie McMurphy lived most of his life in Norman Oklahoma. He graduated from Norman High School in 1975. Ronnie loved to enjoy & play music - music was his passion! He played in several local bands starting in 1974 with "Crystal". Ronnie "Fingers" McMurphy also played in "The Bluescasters" & "Full Circle". In high school Ronnie could play any lead break by Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, the Stones, Alvin Lee, whoever Note-for-Note! As time went on his own style developed that took it further.

Around 1990, Ronnie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. A few years later he was no longer able to play in a band. On August 27th 1998, complications from the MS took his life at 40 years of age. Ronnie's spirit & memory lives on.

There is more to come...

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