Remember Girlie Pancake House?

Blast from the Past!

My first job was at Girlie Pancake House on west Lindsey in Norman, Oklahoma in the mid 70's. I worked there for a  couple years and met more than a few interesting people there to say the least! At that time there we only two all-night  restaurants in Norman. Weekend mornings were crazy busy with waitresses in white uniforms with orange aprons scurried around taking coffee and breakfast to patrons. When the bars closed at 2 a.m. Girlie's was packed with folks  who had to leave the bars but were not ready to go home. CBers hung around in the evening to drink coffee and shoot  the bull. If you were in Norman from the mid 70's to the mid 80's chances are you ate or worked at Girlie Pancake House.  

And there's a song...   'Girlie Pancake House' Kitchen Concert Series Video    'Girlie Pancake House' Video Live @ Othello's   Lyrics
Girlie Pancakes they're stacked better!

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Girlie Pancake House T-Shirts

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